For over TWO WEEKS the patient SURGICAL INTENSIVE CARE, undergoing constant monitoring, at least SIX FULL TRANSFUSIONS, and countless other test procedures.... all to keep him alive.

Surgical procedures were begun by way of driving AT LEAST FIVE metal wires through the patient's back as guides for the surgeon to use to locate the stones. THESE WIRES WERE INSTALLED WITH NO ANESTHESIA TO THE PATIENT.  AND EVEN AFTER REPEATED SCREAMS AND PLEADINGS, THE WIRE PROCEDURE CONTINUED UNTIL THE PATIENT WAS ALL BUT UNCONCIOUS FROM THE PAIN... HIS WIFE STANDING IN THE HALL HYSTERICALLY CRYING, having heard all his screams for help. As the patient was wheeled past her he cried for help, TELLING HER TO MAKE THEM STOP.  Of course no one would listen to her "surgery" was performed and less than 12 hours later the patient was told to go home.

By the time he arrived at home, the fluid drainage bag had almost filled to the capacity with obvious raw blood...

Well, the wife ignored that refusal, called an ambulance, which immediately transported the patient to the LAHEY HOSPITAL, BURLINGTON, MA, travel time 15 minutes.

The next day, after close to TEN HOURS of emergency surgery, the patient was awakened by one of the surgeons who asked him "WHY" had he come to Lahey.. then the Doctor said "we are glad you got here because another TEN MINUTES delay of treatment and you probably would not be talking to anyone right now.

NOW, after receiving countless bills from Lahey, the patient has been informed by the VA that VA STANDARDS do NOT consider his situation an "emergency", an therefore will NOT pay for it... nor for any of the follow-up procedures that were part and parcel to the emergency surgery.

Most recently, after more than 7 years of complaints about kidney stones, presence of which had been proven by several X-RAYS over the years, on December 13 of 2013 the patient was scheduled to have the stones removed,

by that time the stones had increased in size, with at least one of them more than 13mm in size!!

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A few days later, with constant bleeding still occurring, the patient was told it's all normal and to "suck it up" and stop whining.... a few more days passed, and the patient was taken back to Roxbury, where they inserted a 'stent' up through bladder and into his kidney.. AGAIN WITH NO ANESTHESIA ON BOARD.. then 4 days later, on Monday December 23rd, at 5:15 am, the patient's wife found him on the bathroom floor in a massive puddle of blood, with several drainage bags and even a surgical bowl, full of RAW BLOOD... she followed "protocol" and called the VA asking for an ambulance and for authorization to take the patient to the NEAREST UROLOGY TRAUMA FACILITY AND WAS DENIED THREE TIMES over the phone.

What the phone bank worker said was "to have someone slowly drive the veteran to Manchester Urgent Care and let the nurses there evaluate him... they can best decide what he needs for services".

Now remember, this is 5:00 in the morning, and we all know Manchester VA Urgent Care does not have lab or X-Rays available at that time, NOR DO THEY HAVE ANY SORT OF SURGERY FACILITIES..NOR DO THEY HAVE SURGEONS ON STAFF WHAT-SO-EVER.. (Oh and Manchester is more than 35 minutes from where the patient was, even with the best of traffic)